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Resolutions: How to Make and Keep One

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Yes, I know it’s been almost 30 days since 2010 began. But it’s never too late to start, or keep up a resolution 🙂

Saying good things and doing good deeds are two different things. And you need to look no farther than the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference to see how.

As this year dawns, our generation is faced with a million and one resolutions. The Copenhagen Climate Change Conference (COP15),

with which we ended least year, was one of the first, followed by everything from Haiti to the elections in Kiev, and many more important events to come. Yet, I feel like the international community, somewhat like a high-schools senior wishing to run away from work, has been running away from making the tough decisions. An example of this is Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen’s statement after the COP15 conference:

I am satisfied. We have achieved a result. Now nations will need to sign on, and if they do so, they will support what has been agreed (in the Copenhagen Accord). This will have effect immediately.

This sentiment is reflected around the world today. While eternal optimism is one thing, convincing oneself that progress is being made when it is not is an entirely different issue. The latter is often one that can lead to bad decisions, mismanagement, and eventually nothing.

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A Thousand and One Things to Consider…

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… and it would be much easier for us to not think about any of them.
This website/blog stems from a passion for news, a passion for writing, and a desire to give voice to smaller, newer and more personal stories that put major global issues into perspective. With thousands of media outlets, a million Twitter feeds per second, Facebook posts and Tumblr texts crawling all over the internet, we are at a crossroads in time where we can actually give voice to what we care about any way we want. Why not use this power for good instead of tweeting and retweeting the mundane?
Yes, I care. About the world, about my community, about my friends around the globe. Do you?