About Me


Bonjour tout le monde! I am Ash Venkat, a freshman at Virginia Polytechnic and State University, VA. I am currently majoring in Biological Systems Engineering and International Studies. I also am a part of VT Oxfam, the Environmental Coalition, Beyond Coal and The Collegiate Times. As a passionate student journalist and a writer constantly wishing to cover new content and write better stories, I started this blog as a means for me to express my opinions and feelings about issues around the world today.

This project began at the crossroads of the need for international news and a thirst for personal stories scattered all over the world wide web. While it is a personal challenge for me to find interesting stories around the world, it is another outlet for all the readers, including myself, to realize the variety of experiences surrounding us today. I hope to update this blog frequently (at least once daily is my New Year resolution for 2010) with new thoughts, opinions and content. Feel free to browse around, and leave comments or suggestions on any of the posts!

Yes I Care

  1. Hi Ash!
    I plugged you link through my website/blog/photo portfolio!

  2. You’re an inspiration Aish 😀
    You’ve given me an impetus to start a blog dedicated to helping out the world.

    (you should know who I am with that username)

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